People fleeing the war in Ukraine are in urgent need of your help. Please help us support a number of local groups in Lviv and Uzhhorod who are aiding war refugees in need. There are thousands of people stranded on both sides of the border to Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania and Moldova who are in desperate need of medicine, food and other humanitarian supplies. Well over 600,000 refugees have been forced to leave the country so far according to the United Nations, and this number is expected to rise dramatically, so we must act fast.

Volunteers are working to help refugees fleeing from Russian bombardment on both sides of the border, some risking their lives to travel into Ukraine to help those unable to flee. They need your help to purchase vital supplies including food, medical supplies, temporary shelters and protective equipment. All donations made to Artists for Ukraine will be given to groups on the humanitarian front line, many of whom are artists and activists.

We are a group of artists based in Reading and at the University of Reading. We have family, friends and many other connections to the cultural community in Ukraine and are in daily contact with those trapped in this brutal conflict. You can contribute to our efforts by purchasing small artworks and prints, or by donating directly to our campaign.

Thank you!

Susanne Clausen, Professor of Fine Art, University of Reading (Fundraising in a personal capacity)

Pavlo Kerestey, Artist